Road Racing

YCC road races

Each year the Club organises at least two open road races. To participate you need to be a British Cycling (BC) member and have a racing licence. You can then enter via the BC website.

2019 results

Kingsdon Hill Circuit (John Andrews Memorial RR & Ham Hill RR)

Event Headquarters: Edgar Hall, 8 Cary Court, Somerton Business Park, Somerton TA11 6SB.

Parking at the HQ is restricted, if you have spectators with you who will be moving their car to watch the race please park considerately on the industrial estate near the Edgar Hall, most businesses are closed on a Sunday but please do not block anyone’s access.


From HQ to Start: From the HQ (Neutralised) follow the roads through the industrial estate back to Bancombe Road. Turn right then turn left at mini roundabout. At the end of the road turn right to join the circuit.

Start: After 500m the race will commence at 'Welcome to Somerton' sign. Circuit Follow B3153 to edge of Langport where left on roundabout. Follow A372 through Long Sutton and on towards Ilchester. At the crossroads with B3151 turn left. Climb Kingsdon hill and descend to outskirts of Somerton where sharp left onto B3153. Straight over roundabout at top of climb, after 1km right on next roundabout. Follow B3153 to complete circuit. Finish At the end of the 5th lap continue on the circuit for approx half a lap. At the crossroads after the Lime Kiln Inn turn left. The finish is just over 1km up this road.

Do not U-Turn after the finish, follow the route shown above back to the HQ. Note that lapped riders may be pulled out.

Key to Hazards

M = Marshall; H = Known hazard (see list below).

Hazard Description
H1 Right turn onto circuit (start only)
H2 Pelican crossing after brow of hill
H3 Garden centre on left
H4 Roundabout at Langport. Caution white lines slippery when wet
H5 Blind bridge and pedestrian crossing outside school
H6 Sharp left corner after school
H7 Sharp right, sharp left corner at bottom of short descent
H8 Sharp left onto B3151, busy crossroads
H9 Fast descent, with sharp right bend
H10 Hidden crossroads in dip (riders priority)
H11 Fast descent, with sharp left turn, busy junction, do not swing wide
H12 Roundabout on brow of hill, parked vehicles along to next roundabout
H13 Road narrows to single lane, riders have priority
H14 Sharp left bend followed immediately by bollard
H15 Mini roundabout – 2nd exit (right). Care due to convenience shop on right at exit of roundabout – customers’ vehicles exiting forecourt and parked cars at roadside
H16 Pelican crossing followed by bollards
H17 Keep left at bollards
H18 Last Lap only. Left turn to finish is downhill, tight and sharp