Club road race volunteer survey

Please indicate whether you would be interested in helping the club stage road races this year. In short, we need a total of 33 helpers to cover a variety of tasks listed below. Click on the info button for more details about what is involved in each of the roles (click to hide).

If you require further information, please contact Nick Armstrong or Rob Galvin.

Course signage:

Lead car and commissaire car driving:

Red flag marshal:

Riders sign on:

Safety officer:

The event safety officer role includes the following tasks:

Two weeks before the event:

  • Drive the course with the organiser and complete the course inspection
  • Receive confirmation from the organiser of the attendance of the volunteer marshals and assign their locations
  • Organiser confirms signage team, ideally four people, and arranges to meet with them and the Safety Officer prior to event

One day before the event:

  • Morning – visit the course and sweep gravel from junctions, check for hedge cuttings and assess impact of weather conditions on the course; standing water etc.
  • Afternoon – liaise with signage team

On the day:

  • Inspect the course to confirm that everything has been prepared in accordance with the race route risk assessment by the signage team and report back to the organiser
  • Any changes to be recorded on dynamic risk assessment form, which will need to be agreed and signed by the chief commissaire and event organiser
  • Attend the marshal briefing
  • Drive the course ahead of the race to check signage and maintain course safety

Gear checker:

Pre and post race refreshments:

Any other skills you have that might be useful: